Our First EVER Organization Event

Words cannot express how overjoyed we are with how Saturday (July 23rd, 2017) turned out. We held our first organized event and it was altogether a tremendous success.

When we scheduled the date initially it was just going to be a day specifically for organizing already donated items. However, the week of we changed that and opened it up to where people could bring in donations as well.

Special shout out and thank you to Sunrise Broadcasting for letting us go live on the air with Jammin’ 99.9, Z107.5 and Sunny 104.7.  Thank you to Spectrum News and WWAY 3 for broadcasting our event and helping spread the word about what we are trying to accomplish here at the Foster Pantry. Also, thank you to Port City Community Church for allowing us to use your space!

I must be honest I didn’t sleep the night before, at all. Derek did a little, thankfully. I was so worried about if anyone was going to show up and help organize or if anyone was going to donate anything. I was worried about how we were going get everything there and then how we would get it back. And then once we got it back, where on earth were we going to put it.

I am very self-conscious and my body doesn’t hide that fact very well. In fact, my body completely betrays me and fully gives it away. So, the morning came, I grabbed coffees and in the air-conditioned room I was sweating bullets and became a little frazzled. But much to my surprise…

People came, WHAT?!! They showed up and they showed up smiling.  We almost organized everything that we had previously and that was donated that morning. That’s right, not only did people come to help but people came to donate things as well. Two people even helped us bring everything home. Loaded up their vehicles and followed us home. Such kindness.

Y’all together we made 58 grab bags! 58 grab bags that we were then able to load up and send to New Hanover DSS that Monday. #CrushedIt

I cannot even believe it.

Derek and I were beside ourselves with joy and amazement. Could not believe the kindness of our friends, fellow foster parents, and strangers. It was just the coolest thing ever.

We are so thankful to everyone that showed up to help and donate.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.



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