He isn’t in our care anymore. He hasn’t been for almost a week now. But, last night my phone reminder went off. His court date is today…

Around the time the reminder went off the woman who has him now sent me a picture of his smiling face. She wrote with it an apology for not being better about keeping in contact. It made heart heavy. He isn’t mine and she owes me nothing. We love him and we expect nothing. The fact that she acknowledges that we created this bond and tries to keep in touch in her busy life is a gift. It’s overwhelming. I wrote her back saying that she was silly for apologizing and that I was thinking and praying for not only him but her and her family.

It’s almost 2:00pm and court started at 9:00am. I haven’t heard anything and I am really getting nervous about the outcome. I am finding it hard to concentrate at work. I am checking my phone every other second just to make sure I’ve not missed something. Should I call my licensing worker? Should I text his “mom” first about how it went and not wait for her?

From what I understand they are deciding on where he is going to be living for a while. I want him to stay where he is. We moved him there a week before the court date to hopefully help their chances of keeping him there. I know they love him. They are his “home”. They aren’t “blood”, but that is where he needs to be.

There is so much “crazy” that surrounds this little boy.

He needs love. He needs familiarity. He needs stability.

He is only 3.

He should be running into mud puddles and pushing his trucks. He shouldn’t be worried about people disappearing on him all the time.

I hope he is alright.


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